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Responsible Investing Creates A Future Of Recession-Proof Residual Income

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Investment Club
The IRS allows us to use our IRA's and 401K's to invest
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Investment Clubs - Blaze Your Own IRA Trail
Source: The McGraw-Hill Companies
With a "self-directed" account, your funds can seek out unconventional investments.
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Mortgage Notes

"In America there are two tax systems, one for the informed and one for the uninformed. Both are legal."

One of America's most famous jurists, Justice Learned Hand made this statement over forty years ago. When used today one would certainly have to include the world of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA).

Your Broker Doesn't Want You to Know This!

There are a great many incredible wealth-building opportunities offered by your IRA and 401K's this includes their ability to buy real estate Tax Lien Certificates, Tax Deeds and Mortgage Notes.  View this article


Instant access to the most current published United States Census information in an easy to read format. 

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You Can Be the Banker!
Posted by Entrust Los Angeles on Tue, May 04, 2010  

Many investors don’t know that you can use your IRA funds to create loans to other borrowers and earn solid returns in your IRA. With hard money private lending from your self-directed IRA, you can lend money to other individuals or entities, as long as they are not a disqualified person. While this means that you can not loan the money to yourself or anyone directly related to you, your self-directed IRA can loan the money to anyone else. You choose the borrower and the terms, and Entrust can help you do the rest.

The loan terms are whatever the lender (IRA) and the borrower mutually agree upon, within the legal limits. You will want to be familiar with the usury limits in your state, as they vary from state to state. These loans can be secured by real estate or equipment, or you can make an unsecured loan from your IRA.

No IRA is too small to make a hard money loan. Often, several family members combine their self-directed IRAs to make a hard money loan, with each IRA owning an “un-divided” interest in the loan. There are no banks involved, lower costs, no wait, no hassles, and often times, greater returns.

5 Tips to Buying a "Good" Mortgage Note
Not all mortgage notes are equal. People often laugh when real estate professionals use the phrase "Location, Location, Location." This phrase is mostly used when buying a piece of real estate.

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Investment Clubs - A Warning for Investors
Ninety million investors own mutual funds. And according to a recent study by Yale professors Antti Petajisto and Martijn Cremers, that means that about 30 million are paying too much to do so.
Am I one of the 30 million?

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